Natsume tea caddie chaire High class delicious YOSHITA KASYOU

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7.3x7.4 Natsume tea caddie chaire High class  delicious YOSHITA KASYOU kaga work bamboo Makie Tamenuri Dainatsume tea  

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1940年 蒔絵師の長男として生まれる、 本名 利昭
1990年 全国漆器展日本放送協会会長賞受賞
1993年 日本伝統工芸石川支部展日本工芸会賞受賞
1994年 山中町文化財調査委員となる
1998年 通産大臣認定資格伝統工芸士に認定
2004年 平成16年度山中町産業功労賞受賞
2007年 平成19年度石川県伝続産業優秀技術者受賞 


ー漆芸 吉田華正ー

I entered the "Noboru" and are passed 60 years ago since that. day bay day  i increasingly incorporating into the depth and charm of the back of lacquer. I have developed a lot of functional tea utensils such as Japanese Flower birds moon, the work of my craftsmen who learned from the classics, and the lacquer tea ceremony (Matcha tea ceremony) I invented, and the lacquer restoration that the ladle does not fall.

In addition, the technology cultivated in this tea ceremony manufacturing has been handed down to young craftsmen groups, and we continue to propose a number of Japanese dishes to the modern lifestyle. I will continue to pursue the possibility of "yuri" and challenge. We appreciate your guidance and encouragement.