ONI-HAGI Treasures of Japan Sakakouraizaemon Kiln. X Generation

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 Saka Koraizaemon Kiln. X Generation ONI-HAGI Treasures of Japan Sakakouraizaemon Hagi Ware X 10th bowl Chawan IDO special inscription 老松 家宝切 Old pine trees Family treasure

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  • (Treasures of Japan) Sakakouraizaemon Hagi Ware Tokuzaka Koryo bowl ONI-HAGI 10th Koraizaemon LEGEND
  • X generation
  • Inscription " old pine tree" "銘 老松"* 
  •  sp家宝切 Family treasure 
  • One of a kind! IDO style
  • Superb unique sense of Mist
  • 全幅14.7cm×高さ8.6cm

Celestial Lineage

Lost in the dreams of the golden dawn, the end of summer prelude melancholy. Autumn will soon arrive from the sacred depths. The Celestial Lineage, the essence reflection on the errant soul enclosed on a Chawan.


A journey through oneself and sovereign nature, between ascents to falls, each one under the banner of the most ancestral spirituality.

Following Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasions of Korea, Mori Terumoto, who ruled the pottery area at the time, brought back with him the brothers Li Shakko and Li Kei, who were Korean Joseon dynasty potters, when returning to Japan from Korea they built an official kiln in the castle town HAGI: Li Kei was the first generation of a lineage that inherited mainstream Hagi ware from generation to generation and worked at the official kiln of the Hagi Domain, alongside Miwa Kyusetsu's Miwa kiln. After Mori moved his castle to Hagi, he opened a kiln in Matsumoto Village of the castle town of Hagi, and was bestowed the name, "Koraizaemon" by the second generation feudal lord, Mori Tsunahiro. From that point onward, the name Saka Koraizaemon has been used since the first generation. From Time to Time..Since Hagi were born following the Oni-Hagi Roots by Generation to Generation with Korea Saemon here an Eleven Generation Chawan. The 13th generation passed away in 2014, now theres currently a vacant position in the lineage, but seems the family found the young boy now became man and his destiny maybe will be to go ahead with Saka KILN!


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