★ Genkuro kiln and Katho Takeshi "red Shino tea bowl"茶と酒の美術展】加藤健 『赤志野茶碗』共箱 共布 栞 本物保証

Width: 13.1cm State : is new conservative state Height: 9.3cm Depth: 12.8cm (Old artisan name : Kenho Kato)

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★ Genkuro kiln and Kato Takeshi ★ 

Deep in the heart of Shino's tradition.

This chawan (tea bowl) was made by a potter named Takeshi Kato, born in 1947. The thick sweet red glaze on red earth creates a fantastic view and a dreamlike. He was apprendist at Ohashi Momonosuke and later in Kyoto under Uchida Kunio, opening his own kiln in 1973 (Genkuro-gama).  This red with pearly white feldspar enlight a great view! Nothingness and the freedom of the mind is the only emotion i get in front of this beauty. Wood-fired in a small-batch ana-gama, the techniques used to produce such works stretch back over 500 years..far and beyond. This chawan is one of a kind.

This ship will be the ideal companion for a tea ceremony. Takeshi Kato, the potter's son, was born in the city of Toki, one of the oldest Japanese ceramics centers in Gifu prefecture. He studied in Kyoto and in 1971 and began producing ceramics at Toki in 1973. Since then, he has exhibited in cities throughout Japan, and Kato Ken's oven is called Genkuro-gama. The red streams through white frosting pinned clinging brutally next to this great representative Shino Chawan. A texture that will give flavor to your cup of tea. He studied also with Kobayashi Bunichi and after opening his own kiln he refused the field of public competition for the personal world of making  private exhibitions, including the Shinjuku Odakyu and Isetan galleries, among others.

Kato is a fresh breath in the beauty of Momoyama pottery.

He is deeply attracted by the unique beauty of Shino and Oribe of the Momoyama period, which is said to be a masterpiece in Japanese old ceramics, and works hard on day-and-night studies to give a new breath to the tradition left by his ancestors.