Ryuichi Kakurezaki Bizen Work 炉 furnace 隠崎隆一 銀彩香炉 高さ 9.0cm、胴径 10.2cm

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 Ryuichi Kakurezaki(b.1950-) created a new wave in the ceramic art. Initially his style was so unique in Bizen. Being accepted by Japanese academic people seemed to be hard. But his finely designed functional pieces became more and more popular. He gained uncountable number of awards and his style became very popular in the modern ceramic art. Now he established a new tradition in the history.

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Kazurezaki Ryuchi

Kakurezaki Ryūichi is a highly celebrated artist whose exhibitions in Japan often sell out within minutes of opening. Kakurezaki lives and works in Imbe, the ancient home of Bizen ware.
While he works within the tradition of Bizen, his work is quite aesthetically different from conventional Bizen wares. He is quoted as saying "I do not intend to create something avant-garde in the Bizen style. My works are always functional, and I create 'crafts' that are indispensable for everyday life. I think it important that professional potters should create something in response to the needs of our society. My preference is to be seen as a craftsman whose work is avant-garde, rather than an avant-garde artist."