Sanzen-in 三千院 Incense Ohara Japanese Incense Sticks/Ohara

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Sanzen-in (三千院) Incense Ohara from 3000 Mt. olden Edition Sweet Sakaguchi Musk We guarantee free dogane, free customs and duties, free stress about medical clearance


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 Sanzenin Temple (三千院) is located on a rural town called Ohara, which is located an hour from Kyoto. That place is well-known for its amazing autumn colors. One of the most iconic temples in Kyoto, it is very popular. Is deep in the mountains located at the feet of Mount Ōhara, home to many famous Buddhist statues. What you may not know is that the garden inside is not to be missed either! it was a place inhabited by nobles and Buddhist monks who withdrew to isolate themselves from the world, in fact it is a very quiet area. In the building there are many elements which are real national treasures. The moss garden extends before the Shinden Hall. In addition to moss, in this area you can admire trees like cedars and cypresses, a waterfall garden with a path around a pond wrapped in the mist of the mountain is a breathtaking spectacle.