SEIGAN YAMANE TEA BOWL IDO ONI (鬼) :: (devil-Hagi) chawan

ONI (鬼) :: This is a semi-opaque, cloudy white glaze made by mixing earth ash glaze with straw ash that add power and strength to this Oni-Hagi (devil-Hagi) chawan Japanese Hagi Ware Tea Bowl with Notched foot by Seigan Yamane, Oni-Hagi

Condition : Completely New.

Size : Dia. 5.5"(14.0cm) x Height 3.7"(9.5cm)

Item Description :

This is a tea bowl of Japanese Hagi Ware made by a famous potter, Seigan Yamane. White glaze covers the brown pottery. The seal of the potter is stamped on the bottom. 

220.00 €
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