Shigaraki Takahashi Rakusai III Tea bowl Shinkai ceramica giapponese MATCHA TOP

7.6x11.5 cm

400.00 €

Here's a unique Shigaraki serving bowl by Takahashi Rakusai III (1976 DIED ) in perfect condition with a signed box & on base. Rakusai have icomparable warm beauty of clay and form, the whole family-along with the Ueda one is the longest potting family in Shiga responsible for preserving true tradition, and since the second world war without their persistence the flames of Shigaraki might have been extinguished forever.Its in awesome condition i consider this matcha chawan bowl a very great item view! Used little...even old in age. MOLTO RARA E GRANDE MANIFATTURA DI CERAMISTA TESORO NAZIONALE Takahashi Rakusai no defect, it is in top condition. This is a tea bowl of Japanese SHIGARAKI pottery ware. This was made about many years ago. SHIGARAKI is the pottery of Shiga Prefecture in Japan. It is chosen as one of the oldest 6 potterys in Japan. Shigaraki, Bizen, Iga etc are very popular as pottery of Japanese WABI-SABI. This amazing tea bowl has a very good natural glaze. It presents a lovely sense of view, touch and hold in the hands. It is appropriate SHIGARAKI. The potter's name is Rakusai Takahashi 4th. (1925-living). His seal is upon the bowl. He is a potter who has got very high evaluation. His name has been inherited from generation to generation. He inherited skill and a name from the father of the 3rd. generation. He is very very famous potter in Japan. The original wood box is part of our offer. Items of Rakusai Takahashi are very quickly sold out on my ebay page