Shugo Takauchi Oni Chawan ORIBE ARTIST

 Shugo Takauchi Oni Hagi Tea Bowl IDO Style 15 x 9.5

1,200.00 €



Born in Tokyo in 1937.Tsukigyo in 1968 Tochigi Prefecture Mashiko.1972 Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition prize.1973 Japan ceramic art exhibition prize.1976 contemporary Japanese ceramic art exhibition prize.Varori Culture and Arts Association Award in 1980 Vallauris international Vien'nare.Japan Ceramics Today exhibition at the 1983 British Victoria and Albert Museum.1989 Tochigi Prefecture Culture Award winner.1992 France Japanese pottery "now" one hundred channel-selection Exhibition .Japan Studio Craft Exhibition at the 1995 British Victoria and Albert Museum.1996 NHK pottery explore Exhibition.Contemporary Teapot Exhibition at the 1997 Danish Art Museum.Crafts exhibition that breathes to live to see the vessel in 2000, the National Museum of Modern Art and Crafts Exhibition.Outgoing Exhibition and of contemporary Japanese ceramics receptor at the 2003 Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.