Sakakouraizaemon X 1 Generation Chawan

Sakakouraizaemon  X Generation  

 Work size (maximum value) 60 size 

Height 8.3cm
Diameter 13.0cmDiameter cm
Hill 6.0cm 

Accessories: co-box used state: bowl near to be intact, foot minimal missing clay

800.00 €
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Accessories: co-box state: wooden box used with many years but is in gret condition.

The bowl for me is is intact , only the foot have 2 little imperfection, but the POT is very raw we do not know if is accured my the potter or age and many many years. hagi ware is famous for stones into is a great view.

Amazing collecting item. A supreme opera art full of History.

But as the colour of the clay change and is more clear is it possible that Few millimeters of clay foot are missing. The Warikoudai foot, even have a minimal usage is something really to be near nothing.

Nothing important anyway .   This great bowl it was considered Intact from a Tokyo Gallery who was The original owner but i am a collectprs maniac, so i want try to give all infos available.