Sumo Tea Ceremony 二十九代木村庄之助 twenty-nine generations Kimura Chawan

Yasuhisa Shigaraki bowl with inscription Keshomawashi 化粧廻し Ornamental Sumo Tea Ceremony 二十九代木村庄之 twenty-nine generations Kimura Zhuang Noriyuki assistant Product Size 9.5cm 13.5cm ※ State intact

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A Gyōji (行 司) is a professional sumo judge. A Gyōji usually enters the sumo world been taken by a number of influential noble families associated with sumo, such as Kimura, Shikimori, Yoshida, Iwai, Kise and Nagase.Originally there were no official referees in the sumo: if there were close encounters, the emperor would have determined the winner. It was not until the beginning of the 16th century, with the help of Oda Nobunaga that the figure of the gyōji began to make an appearance. The gyōji also has the responsibility of encouraging the wrestlers. Here a "Talisman" and a perfect gift for a Sumo lover!