Taikai chaire Creator Oketani Tei'ichi. Kyoto ware with a rich orange-brown glaze;


Taikai chaire Creator Oketani Tei'ichi. Kyoto ware with a rich orange-brown glaze; 

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Taikai chaire Creator: 桶*一. *
Creator: Oketani Tei'ichi.
Description: Kyoto ware chaire with a rich orange-brown glaze; zōge lid with gold foil on the bottom; with silk tea caddy bag (shifuku 仕服); daikai ("great ocean" i.e. wide mouth) shape; with signed tomobako.
Subject: Japanese tea ceremony.
Subject: Tea caddies.
Subject: Pottery, Japanese.
Style.Period: Modern.
Material.Medium: ceramic (material).
作品寸法 縦  : - cm
横  : - cm
高さ : 6.3 cm
直径 : 7.9 cm
重さ : 100.0 g
Taikai is a particular style of tea container design. The name "Taikai (vast ocean)" comes from the fact that the mouth of the tea container is very broad.
Taikai are fairly large, flattened circle-shaped tea containers, with wide mouths, short necks, and horizontal shoulders. Many have a continuous engraved line running around the mid-section.
To begin with, they weren't used at the tea ceremony, but as a Hikitame (Matcha powder container) at the Mizuya (kitchenette of tea ceremony room), for matcha green tea that had been ground with a pestle. However, in the wabi-cha fashion established by Murata Juko, it came to be used at the tea ceremony.
Originally, this shape of tea container was called "Daikai (inland sea)", but from the time of Kobori Enshu, larger ones were re-named "Taikai", and smaller examples, "Daikai".
Usually Daikai Chaire is using for Koicha (thick tea) only but Taikai Chaire is using for Koicha and Usucha (thin tea) at the present time.