Takahashi Rakusai IV ★TR6789★ CHAWAN TEA BOWL SHIGARAKI pottery ware. This was made about 30 years ago. SHIGARAKI is the pottery of Shiga Prefecture in Japan.

400.00 €
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It is chosen as one of the oldest 6 potterys in Japan. Shigaraki, Bizen, Iga etc are very popular as pottery of Japanese WABI-SABI. This amazing tea bowl has a very good natural glaze. It presents a lovely sense of view, touch and hold in the hands. It is appropriate SHIGARAKI.
The potter's name is Rakusai Takahashi 4th. (1925-living). His seal is upon the bowl.
He is a potter who has got very high evaluation. His name has been inherited from generation to generation. He inherited skill and a name from the father of the 3rd. generation.He is very very famous potter in Japan. The original wood box is part of our offer.