★ONI-HAGI★ Mashita (歴史)Special Inscription Daitoku-Ji "Auspicious " by Tsumoru Fukumoto★DEMON CHAWAN★

Takashi Mashita  chawan★ONIHAGI★ Special Inscription Daitoku-Ji "Auspicious " by Tsumoru Fukumoto  jíxiáng   吉祥 propitious, auspicious, lucky

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Takashi Mashita (歴史)

Takashi mashita was born in 1952. He studied in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.Master Takashi Mashita aspired to be a potter from the age of 22, after five years of pottery in Hiragaki in Yamaguchi Prefecture in the city of Hagi, from 1980 to Suita City opened a small shop. He is a very cheerful and talkative teacher. I think there are not so many people who were able to start pottery.

He is a very cheerful and friendly teacher, but in reality he is a wonderful person who has been selected as an excellent technician (Naniwa's masterpiece) in Osaka Prefecture in 2010.