Takeshi Matsuzen inscription "Auspicious Clouds" Takeshi Matsuzen DAITOKU-JI

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Takeshi Matsuzen is a priest of Daitokuji TempleTakeshi Matsuzen inscription "Auspicious Clouds" Maybe a charm or a way to communicate directly with the moon located above the "auspicious" clouds 瑞雲

Mr. Takeshi Matsuzen obtained the Chief Title in Osaka Prefecture and afterwards visited the Kyoto Kenninji monastery he became the priest of Daitokuji Temple around 1967.

Since Takeshi Matsuzen is a director, the Daitoku.ji became the most famous Zen temple in Kyoto, which occupies a vast temple area in the Kyoto. At Daitokuji monk's write books, squirrels, strips, etc. are very popular items from people who like tea ceremony.

The tea ceremony Tea Scoop is made by Matsuo Takeshi purchased at Daitoku-ji as a expensive tea utensils

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