Dimension method: Diameter approx. 13.6 cm Height approx. 9.1 cm

1,500.00 €
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One of the reference work baked at high temperature for a long time using only the rough mountain soil of Shigaraki and natural ash. A work from his hands is not completed yet, but as it is used for many years, the person's life and time will permeate and become more delicious. It is not completed by decorating it, but by growing as it is used every day and becoming a part of the user's body. 

Deep ash rise from center to the whole of this luxury shaped bowl by Murakoshi Takuma. 

A "Bamboo" jewel threaded with  iron and stones clay. 

No one seems to achieve the clarity of green that he has mastered.  

 Takuma San is one of those legend who simply lives to work with clay & through his primal approach has earned a following which keeps his work in high demand. 

Splashes of crystalline green and dollops of stones clay both gives a great tension, excitement, in his entire shape and decoration.  This Chawan is alive

 If there is anything he is known for, it is without a doubt his legendary status among Izakaya's restaurants, who use their food presentation with Takuma Works.

Born in Aichi prefecture in 1954 and began his  pottery path in 1980 under the tutelage of Umehara Takehira. Favoring very rough Shigaraki glaze, he established his own kiln in 1997 in the Kiyomizu pottery district of Kyoto, he live in Nagaoka since 2002.

 He's way of work Give Prestigious Results as only few can do in the pottery world.

Pottery Bowl by Takuma Murakoshi 

A spectacular wabi sabi creation by the master Takuma San.