Tamaoki Yasuo 1990 Prefecture important intangible cultural property red Shino tea bowl tea Work

Tamaoki Yasuo Prefecture important intangible cultural property red Shino tea bowl tea Work size (maximum value) 80 size Height 9.8cm Mouth diameter 13.5cm Trunk diameter cm Bottom diameter 6.5cm   

3,500.00 €
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Tamaoki Yasuo

Winner of numerous awards and hailed as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Tajimi City and Gifu Prefecture, both historical centers of Japanese pottery, his works epitomize the beauty of Shino. A high-temperature-fired style of pottery, it often has small nesting holes (suana) that tea ceremony aficionados adore. This characteristic, combined with a yuzuhada (citron skin) finish and a milky glaze made from feldspar, makes Shino one of the most beautiful ceramic methodologies on the planet. Tamaoki's pieces are the culmination of years of stylistic advancement.

Creating red and white pieces with iron-colored, ashen clay decorated with thick, beautiful white or reddish glaze, his valuable works are highly praised.

Brief introduction by Dr. Ken Jeremiah 

From 14 min to 20 min you can see an overview and interview of Tamaoki Yasuo 

Let's pilgrimage to the immense Art of Yasuo Tamaoki.

A superb Shino work by an exceptional artist born in 1942 in the city of Tajimi. After his apprenticeship with Kato Kobei V he is now a member of the prestigious Japan Traditional Art Crafts Association.

The oven used is Gyokuzan.

This representative work is a bold challenge with the novel-style fire following a Mino tradition with no whatsoever limit , and the result is the representation of the most beautiful work that Tamaki ever performed.

A spectacular Chawan with an immense and deep real murasaki red with a white all enclosed in the original signed wooden box.

This Chawan is constantly Illustrated in many blog and were exposed in Japan too often. Now we have in hand this exceptional Aka-Shino chawan, and is obvious to say: This is not a classic! Momoyama inspired thats for sure and until now you could only had the chance to see into some catalogue photo. Will be easy to get the bowl now, more easy for you to grab here than to find another similar "Red" elsewere !

Exposed the entire 2019 til 2020 to the Mitsukoshi Departments Store and winner of the JCS award, Yasuo began his career as a professional ceramist at Tajimi Industrial High School and a period at the Gifu ceramic research institute, where he followed in the footsteps of numerous modern ceramic artists such as Hamada Shoji and Kawai Kanjiro, who also started their career in the same way.

His list of exhibitions and awards is too long to mention.

This spectacular Chawan is filled with fiery fire red clouds above the cracked white.

" A caress of stars. A silhouette in the twilight sky "

Its shape remains organic, imposing in the palm of my hand, it is not only a sight for my eyes, but something from which to draw and see one's future.

Tamaoki is considered one of the great five of Mino, exhibited all over the world, he's illustrated in a wide variety of books and catalogs in numerous museums.

Each of his works is evocative for Shino with unparalleled levels of exhibition quality and rivals.

I am not very inclined to the reviews of critics, enthusiasts, potters or collectors. I didn't when I was reviewed as a musician and producer, and I'm not now as a collector and art gallery owner. The pleasant thing about bloggers is the fact that with their undoubted experience on the field, relates ceramics even if they mystifies reality, expresses opinions often without having it in hands. Once Robert Yellin told me: "it takes years of experience to evaluate a ceramic and you need to have it in your hands for a correct evaluation" It seems a trivial and obvious, but today, however, his words remain a strong point for me, before i spoke or described a ceramic I chose to have it in my hands to be able to talk about it. Of course bloggers 100% of the times emphasize a non-existent royal red with a cropped photo, whose range is decidedly misleading..