[Treasure Japan] Author Unknown Cherry Lacquer (Chashaku) Sakura tea scoop


[Treasure Japan] Author Unknown Cherry Lacquer (Chashaku) Sakura tea scoop + box: Length: 18.4㎝ 【財宝日本】作者不詳 桜蒔絵茶杓 共箱 :TS7329 Makie 塗茶杓桜蒔絵 [Treasure Japan] cherry lacquer

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Il Chashaku (茶杓) is a tool (chadougu, 茶道具) used for japanese tea ceremony (cha no yu, 茶の湯).
" The Act of this Very Moment "

Charms with Auspicious Inscriptions -- Good Fortune, Wealth, Longevity, Honor, Sons and Official Rank

Japan always had traditionally a very strong belief in the efficacy of charms which could bring good luck to oneself and family, and of amulets to dispel evil influences.For this reason, the majority of Japanese temples will display charms that will include four or few character inscriptions that will wish for good luck, good fortune, wealth, longevity or a promotion to an higher job position.Sometimes "good luck" charms are displayed and explained written on a special tool like a tomabake or tea Tools.

Imaginary and inspired names (mei 銘) for Tea Spoon (chashaku) are given to it in terms to celebrate a tea ceremony givin to that special moment a story or to leaves a lingering image of beauty to u or your guests. Naming tools on tea items with a 'mei 銘' has existed in Japan since 794. Til than names always given to various objects like tea bowls, vessels, tea chaire, a confectionary and in that case chashaku used for a tea ceremony.

The inspiration to givin a name may vary and can change because of the season of the moment that Priest is Living.