Teruo Sasaki Rain Cloud Raku ware Chawan

9.2 x 11.5 cm

450.00 €
In 1995, Teruo Sasaki, who was the third potter of Shouraku Kiln, opened a kiln under the name of "Kirai" and the name of "Kyoshitsu" which was given by the fourteenth chief administrator of Daitokuji temple*, Settei Fukutomi Roushi master.
The Sasaki family is well-known for their traditional Raku-yaki at Shouraku Kiln. Shouraku Kiln opened in 1903, and is one of the most traditional Raku-yaki kilns in Kyoto. Yamato Sasaki, who is the son of Teruo Sasaki and the fourth head of Shouraku Kiln, succeeded to Kyoshitsu the second in 2011.
Kirai Kiln produces avant-garde and novel works which are not restricted by traditional style, while still adhering to traditional Raku-yaki techniques. Shouraku Kiln, on the other hand, strictly follows the footsteps and traditional methods of Raku-yaki.
(*) Daitokuji temple was erected in 1325. The temple has had a great influence on Japanese culture and Cha-no-yu traditional tea ceremony, since the spirit of Cha-no-yu is based in Zen philosophy. It is also said that Juko Murata or Sen no Rikyuh, who is the famous tea master and pioneer of the tea ceremony, maintained close relations with Daitokuji temple.