Toru Ichikawa "Watatsudami" Cup Chawan Bizen Ware Celadon ★RESILIENCE★ Bowl Ryuichi Kakurezaki 12.5 x 9.3 x 10 

5,000.00 €

Part of a 2020 collection called "Celadon Resilience" this tea bowl is called Wadatsumi, it could be a man-fish with dimensions comparable to those of the kraken. Compared to him Megalo and Shirahoshi, who have considerable dimensions, represent normal-sized creatures. It has thin arms and legs compared to the bust and head. He has a round face and a wide mouth, full of square teeth. It has hair around the head that looks like a chestnut and the body is also hairy. Because of his appearance, Usop and Oven compared him to an umibōzu. Watatsumi is also (海神, 綿 津 見) [ɰa.ta.tsɯ.mi], also pronounced Wadatsumi, is a legendary kami (神, god, spirit), Japanese dragon and tutelary god of water in Japanese mythology. Watatsumi no kami (大 綿 津 見 神, "great divinity of the sea") is believed to be another name for the sea divinity Ryujin (龍神, Dragon God), and also for the Watatsumi Sanjin (綿 津 見 三 神, "of the Three Watatsumi "), which regulates the upper, middle, and lower seas respectively and were created when Izanagi was washing himself after returning from Yomi," the underworld. The Mirror of our Times, the World we are living in, enclosed in a Chawan, to Respond in a Resilient way, different capacities need to be Evoked. The COVID-19 shock is so extreme in its duration and intensity and with resilience in a moment of serious uncertainty it is necessary to know how to analyze Art Impacts. Pandemic is putting new and unforeseen pressures on all of us. 

From the Genious Mind of a Great Bizen we welcome:★ Celadon Resilience ★