[Toshiro Hori] Zou Shino bowl inscription : Yiya 意雅:こころいき “heart spirit” " Kokoroiki " " Elegance of feeling " Determination " 雅 meaning, significance, sense 雅 of elegance, grace chawan

Height 9.3 cm / Width 11.8 cm from Takashimaya Gallery, a major department store in Japan located in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya. 心意気 (kokoroiki).It is a bowl with a cuteness that makes it look like the pink color is slowly appears. From the inscription "Iya: Kokoroiki", you can feel the joy of the author's pure pottery. It is a beautiful item unused!

800.00 €
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Hori Toshiro craft of Mino ( Kani )

From Kobe City and entered the university with the aim of becoming a teacher, but he dropped out and studied under Mr. Kozo Kato because he wanted to do what he could make by himself.

He has been watching Kozo Kato's pottery making technique for more than 40 years, and his sincere personality is highly evaluated in his work, such as winning and winning prizes at various public exhibitions. I am. He is also active as a leader of "Kazejuku", which is run by Mr. Kozo Kato, and is pursuing 

"what I want to do now, what I can do now".

Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1953

He's nowadays the most disciple of the living national treasure "Kouzo Kato" of Mino ware and Shino, which 

He is active as a talented mid-career writer of Shino ware writers who have become very few in the Mino scene.

He has won various awards at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition, public exhibitions, and ceramic arts association exhibitions.

He cooks pottery slowly in a unique hole kiln for a long time to express a soft texture, making genuine orthodox Shino with solid technique and heart. The more you use it, the more tea will soak in and the color will deepen and the taste will come out.

2018 Became a Kani City Intangible Cultural Property "Shino" Certification

Regular member of Japan Kogei Association

Member of Mino Ceramics Association