"Picasso of the Orient" tea bowl cup CHAWAN Beauty! Demon Shino ONI Simplicity WARE

9.5 x 13.2

1,300.00 €

A beautiful example of Oni Shino by world famous Shino potter enclosed in a wooden box This striking chawan is a fine example of Oni Shino A large, exhibition quality, bold and timeless Oni-Shino chawan by the master potter and legendary personality demon Iga bowl "

"Exciting unmatched Beauty! Modern Demon Shino Elegant Simplicity of Beauty Exhibition ONI-SHINO "Product Size: height 9.6cm / width 13.2cm

Born in Nabi, Niigata Prefecture.
His father grew up next to the art of stone carving and his mother grew up next to the art of flower arrangement, so Nahiko grew up familiar with the art from an early age.
Impressed by the works of Shino created by Toyozo Arakawa, he started studying Shino after the earthquake.
From these events was born "Kishino", which is made by firing Shino for a long time.
People who have seen works made with that unique sensitivity have come to call them "fire potters," "fire potters," "Shamon potters," "Picasso of the Orient," and so on.
In addition to pottery, he has demonstrated his talent in painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and engraving.
1923 Born in Niigata Prefecture
1941 Became a student delegation
1952 Received the Minister of Education Award
1970 Introduced Kishino to foreign countries
Founded Tsukigata Daitobo Museum in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture
1985 International Received the Arts and Culture Awards
1989 Received the Paris Art Award at the Japan Art Exhibition
1990 Joined Tokyo Art Expo as
a representative of Japan
passed away on August 16, 2006