KATO SHIGETAKA Shino Ware kiln bowl Tokuro chawan cup japanese yaki mino white


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KATO SHIGETAKA 1927- 2013 


Kato Shigetaka enclosed in the original signed wooden box a deep gorge melted chawan. An unique silhouette. From the outside and inside in perfect condition. Shigetaka was born the second son of Kato Tokuro in 1927. He graduated the Seto Industrial School of Ceramics and studied under his father. From 1959-1971 submitted annually to the Nitten where he received the Hokusho prize as well as the Modern Ceramics Prize among others. He also received the Japanese Ceramics Society award and governors prize at the Asahi Togeiten. He later accompanied his father on frequent trips to China and Central Asia for research into the roots of silk road pottery. He is best known for Shino ware but worked the gamut of Mino and Seto styles. Shigetaka Kato

Born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture After graduating from Seto Kiln School, he studied pottery with his father. At first, he actively produced objects and the like, but later he changed his style of expression considerably and won the special Nitten selection for "Kenbunkata Tsubo". 1966 Award of the Japanese ceramic association. He has received awards at the Japan Modern Crafts Exhibition, the Modern Crafts Award, the Asahi Ceramics Governor's Award and other exhibitions. Traditional pottery is demonstrated mainly in the pottery of the Oribe, Shino, Kiseto and Karatsu tea.