Yasuo Tamaoki Chawan Shino paint brush jewel tea bowl Rare potter treasure Cup

Product size: Height 8 cm / width 12.5 cm / depth 12.8 cm 

400.00 €
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A spectacular Shino Chawan featuring clouds over the white by Japan Ceramic Society award (JCS) winner Tamaoki Yasuo enclosed in the original signed wooden box. The form is organic and flows like salt-foam on the tide. One side is indented, allowing the bowl to snuggle comfortably in your palm as you turn the bowl with one hand to drink. This is not just one to view, but a bowl from which to drink!
Condition, Excellent Intact
Yasuo was born in Tajimi in 1941, one of the homes of Mino ware. He began his path to professional ceramicist at the Tajimi Industrial High School, and a stint at the Gifu Ceramics Research institute, where he followed the footsteps of a number of modern ceramic artists such as Hamada Shoji and Kawai Kanjiro, who also began their careers in the same manner. He then apprenticed under Kato Kohei before establishing his own kiln. Since, his list of exhibitions and awards is too long to print, but include the Nihon Dento Kogei Ten (National Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition), Best of Show twice at the Tokai Dento Kogei Ten (Tokai Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition), as well as being prized at the Asahi Togei Ten (Asahi Ceramics Exhibition), and receiving the prestigious Japan Ceramics Society Award. In 1991 he was named an intangible cultural asset of Tajimi city