Yoshida (shoen) Haginen Hagi tea bowl disciple of MIWA KYUWA SUPREME white glaze

13.3 x8,7 [Yoshida Haginen] 

at 15-year-old,student of Miwa Kyuyuki = ( "Important Intangible Cultural Property holder (commonly called Living National Treasure)" = Miwa Kyuwa)
opened and became independent in1968, in 1987 November for an accident, he died at the young age of 46-year-old.
800.00 €

Japanese Matcha Tea Cup Chawan

Hagi pottery (Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan) with original box Kiribako, original box, stamped and inscribed

Artist ceramic, bowl without recognizable signature

Shoen Yoshida (1940 - 1987)

Shoen Yoshida was one of the greatest ceramists of his time and was already considered a favorite to be named a Living National Treasure, but Yoshida died at the age of 46.

Modern interpreted Hagi ceramics with very attractive, almost white glaze, these in the thicker areas in white-light pink passing.

Simply shaped, exceptionally fine matcha tea cup that radiates a very attractive, rather wintry mood. Coarse-grained ceramics with numerous mineral inclusions partly gleaming under glaze, glaze in the thicker areas also with fine crackle and blistering. All in all a very nice modern interpretation of the aesthetic ideal of Wabi and Sabi. The five impressions on the inner floor indicate stacked bowls (no blemish) and a reminiscence of the Korean bowls that are considered models of many Hagi ceramics.