Yoshida (shoen) Haginen's work Hagi tea bowl (Joint box) Tea ceremony (potter Hagiyaki)

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吉田萩苑 Yoshida Haginen's work Hagi tea bowl (Joint box) Tea ceremony (potter Hagiyaki) MIWA KYUWA  SUPREME IDO 13.3X CM X 8 

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Yoshida have a superb rustic taste and a unique setting of plum blossoms. It comes from one important collection. it is also a national treasure and he created pottery mainly for tea ceremonies that had a certain strength and importance. The result of your cup is a classic example of the softness of the soil used. For to obtain the rusticity of the form he used a part of mitake that gives it the property of absorbing water.
Do not forget to SOAK the BOWL 10 minutes in hot water before to drink tea...
this will prevent stain and green tea that will colour the clay...
Use it....drink,,,and give honour to the bowl.
do not forget to soak and let it dry once a week. 

Japanese Matcha Tea Cup Chawan

Hagi pottery (Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan) with original box Kiribako, original box, stamped and inscribed

Artist ceramic, bowl without recognizable signature

Shoen Yoshida (1940 - 1987)

Shoen Yoshida was one of the greatest ceramists of his time and was already considered a favorite to be named a Living National Treasure, but Yoshida died at the age of 46.

Modern interpreted Hagi ceramics with very attractive, almost white glaze, these in the thicker areas in white-light pink passing.

Simply shaped, exceptionally fine matcha tea cup that radiates a very attractive, rather wintry mood. Coarse-grained ceramics with numerous mineral inclusions partly gleaming under glaze, glaze in the thicker areas also with fine crackle and blistering. All in all a very nice modern interpretation of the aesthetic ideal of Wabi and Sabi. The five impressions on the inner floor indicate stacked bowls (no blemish) and a reminiscence of the Korean bowls that are considered models of many Hagi ceramics.