Yoshiki Sugiura Seto - Ware “Mother” chawan 1915-1982 japan

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Yoshiki Sugiura Seto - Ware "Mother" chawan 1915-1982  Sea OceanHeight: about 7.5 cmDiameter: about 12 cm

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杉浦芳樹 Yoshiki SugiuraSeto Pottery - SUGIURA Yoshiki: Seto-guro "Mother" chawan with incised signature and signed wooden box.Sugiura Yoshiki was born in Takahama city in 1915 and studied under Kawamura Kitaro in Kyoto and moved to Hiratobashi with him in 1950. Two years later he moved to Seto and remained there until his death in 1982. Sugiura san also studied under the celebrated potter, Rosanjin, and was accepted to be included in the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition as well the Nitten on several occasions.
This Seto-guro (Black Seto) chawan was made during the 1970s and is titled "Mother". The actual calligraphy reads "Tarachine", which translates as mother's breast. It comes with a signed wooden box and has his incised signature on the base as shown above.

made about 40 years ago.

Yoshiki Sugiura was accepted at the Nitten Exhibition 4 times. In addition, he won a lot of other famous awards, too. He was a disciple of one of the greatest potters, ROSANJIN.

The signature of the potter is carved on the bottom. The original wooden box with the signature of the potter and his profile are also included.

Yoshiki Sugiura Sea OceanHeight: about 7.5 cmDiameter: about 12 cm