Seiji Ono is surrounded by atmosphere of ruins Hagi Castle, a green & nostalgic landscape. At the same time air is surrounded by calm & stillness. This is the perfect unsophisticated place to pick up the soil.  He inherited from his father ONO Zuiho & over the years he specializes elaborating intelligent techniques, such as inlaying also incorporating incisions & scrapes as inka (stamped decoration), zogan (inlay), or kaki-otoshi (scraping) to express his individuality in his works. A kind of potter always ready to change further techniques with new methods. Here at Nagato you can breathe the spirit of a true craftsman. While maintaining the feel of traditional Hagi he's always ready to take up the challenges of new techniques in terms to strives & create impressive heartwarming ceramic.

"A caress of stars*
A silhouette in the twilight sky
The daybreak sets on silver seas
My name echoes through crimson hills
On the horizon, where seas meet clouds
A scenery shimmers beyond reality
I glance a world as a recent lit star
I am swallowed by universe" 

* A caress of stars   / Tiamat / In A Dream 1992