A Little Bit of Manuel  Jensa

World Traveler,✈️Musician and Wine lover🍷🍾 enjoy Life more ♥️ enjoy movement🍻 anytime anywere with a passion for filmaking documentary

     Musician and Rock Producer

     \m/ Born to lose, Lived to Win \m/

Reference for chotto (ちょと) 

Kanji 一寸鳥渡 
Kana ちょっと (adverb usually kana just a minute, short time, just a little)

Definitions - somewhat, easily, readily, rather (will not) easily - interjection hey!

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(Donate if u can) or 10$ Gatefold Digipack CD (FREE SHIPPING)


"Ipernova is an hard rock product ready to guide you in a new metal experience. The 2003 debut album "Prosperity To The Rock" has received positive reviews and it is not a surprise. Music is hard and the lyrics speak of stories of love and sex. Before listening to them, be prepared to be shocked"


" This project was a decisive turning point came with the meeting of John Garcia of Kyuss (Unida and Hermano) and Mark Duda (The Handful). Moving to the States Mark gave the definitive impulse for the birth of Mad City Rockers record that actually sounds very "American".Southern Rock, which is almost more a philosophy of life than a true musical genre. The Band accepted by Southern Rock Society community. A real guarantee that certifies the quality of the project. Eleven hot and sharp compositions with a certain homogeneity that gives cohesion to the album."

"As the name suggests we played Rock'n Roll, & every music record it's where we saved notes-things we've learned from personal experience. This is our own way, from listening until our ears nearly fall out and we need others on rental. "

Manuel Jensa