Gozan no Okuribi (五山送り火, 5 Mountain send-off bonfires), more commonly known as Daimonji (大文字) ~ an ancient tradition in Kyōto that celebrates the Obon Matsuri, August 16th.

[Yaemon KATO] (1942-)A Japanese potter. Born in Sasahara, Gifu (present Tajimi City).He was the third son of Juemon Kato (a famous Japanese potter). After he learned pottery at Kotani Institute of ceramic ware, he learned under his father.He returned Yasaka-gama pottery studio after his father's death then he opened his oun studio, "Ogaya-kama"....

Kato Kenji was born in Mino, the heart of ceramic country, in 1924. Following the horrors of the second world war, he studied Under Nakabayashi Kozuru and Kato Tokuro, as well as being quite involved in calligraphy circles. Kenji Katō 寛治 (kanji correct spelling) MINO