Student of the Master and Academic Sculptor Luigi Gheno from 1985/88. I graduated in 1988 in Artistic High School / lively in the judgments and strong of a long experience, i have also been able to learn little secrets from the great and immense Valeriano Ciai. - Italian painter (Rome 1928/2013) a shy and secluded artist, who completed his classical studies and then attended the Faculty of Architecture in Rome, when with other lucky students i met him as a teacher in the Academy Art Section of Artistic High School.

Valeriano Ciai plays a prominent role in the painting of those years for the expressive methods experimented throughout his artistic career. Passing through difference experiences until a phase of almost abstract painting as a sort of "existential" realism: the human figure and the urban landscape!

"La Roma odierna è, per me, fonte di disagio. Lo stesso d'altra parte, che traspare evidente dalla mia pittura. Che è tutta un intreccio di linee. Che non ammette, neppure per gli alberi, colori diversi da quelli calcinati, tutti improntati a tonalità alte e fredde."

Performing Arts my landmark and my past always guarantees results.