Aiko Watanabe \ (SOLD)

 8.8cm	口 径 11.7cm	胴径 cm
 8.8cm 口 径 11.7cm 胴径 cm


Aiko Watanabe has an impressive calm and neat demeanor. Own anagama kiln and produces simple and powerful Iga Shigaraki.When was a studen majored in contemporary art, and wanted to learn etiquette on tatami mats, so took up the tea ceremony. With a latent charm of clay is brought out, and the expression of the powerful natural glaze made by the anagama kiln, which gives us a sense of her delicate and elegant style!!!! 


1971 Born in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture
1992 Graduated from Saga Art Junior College, Painting III
1994 Started studying firing techniques in the Shigaraki Anagama kiln.
2001 Built an anagama kiln in Iga, Mie Prefecture and became independent.
2003 Relocated the kiln and built a second anagama kiln.
2009 Built the third anagama kiln
2013 Constructed the fourth anagama kiln
2016 Solo exhibition at Gallery Kurimoto

Continuing to present works mainly in solo exhibitions all over the country