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 Laquer Mount Fuji Kogo  

2.1 x 9.3
2.1 x 9.3

An up-and-coming young lacquer artist. He has a strong commitment to the black lacquer "jet black", and one of the characteristics is his style that makes the best use of it.

My explanation

The lacquer box "FUJI SAN" expresses the Sun and the Moon illuminated by the dawn.

The contrast between the dawn sky and the horizon that u imagine is for me early in the morning on Yamanakako Lake Village. This make me feel fine as i was there 2 times, which was the reason for the motif of this work. ( I Bet )

The upper surface of the box expresses various glossy embsossed snow surface of the Mount illuminated by the sun and the silhouette peeking through the clouds we cannot see, all this reminds mother-of-pearl.

On the inside of the box, from the top, the sun light red in the morning sun, the moon, and the idea of horizon line, all are brilliance illuminated by high skill laquer technique.

When opening standing up you appreciate the work, you may get various impressions from time to time. I think that it is good for each person to have various ways of thinking and feeling. As an author, Keiji looking forward to sharing the freedom and lingering feelings of imagination with those who are kind like him.

Keiji Onihira


Gold lacquer master, Wajima lacquer craftsman. Fortified by his eagerness to learn, Onihira's youthful sensibility and great talent are a sure thing. He creates his works making full use of various traditional lacquer ware materials such as precious lacquer, gold dust and mother-of-pearl in diversified gold lacquer techniques.In recent years during which new lacquer and pigments are constantly being developed, Onihira strongly believes that by incorporating new techniques, a new tradition is born.

He enthusiastically cre++ates various motifs and themes while honoring crafts design.

鬼**司 Keiji Onihira

973 Born in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture

1991 Apprenticed to Sadahisa Kumano, a gold lacquer master

1998 Graduated from the Ishikawa Prefectural Institute for Wajima Lacquer, Gold lacquer course

Received numerous awards including the 21st Japan Traditional Lacquer Art Asahi Newspaper Award

(2004) and the 58th Japan Crafts Association Encouragement Prize

(2011). Japan Crafts Association regular member.

Onihei writes down the design on his iPad when he goes out = October 2018, Futasemachi, Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Onihei writes down the design on his iPad when he goes out = October 2018, Futasemachi, Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Final Results
Final Results