新学/Manabu Atarashi(Japan,Mie 1973 - )

Born in 1973 Born in Osaka. graduated from the Faculty of Literature at Kansai University in 2007. In 1999, he studied with his father. He made his first ceramic works in the Iga Ueno Sangen oven. In 2002 he built a rectified pit and single chamber oven. After his first solo exhibition in Kobe, since 2003 he has been actively participating in many collective galleries in different cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Wakayama, etc.). In 2008 he built the second anagama oven. The geometric pieces of shinogi add a modern aesthetic to the traditional Iga style and transform them into utilitarian sculptures. A pleasure to use and keep or simply admire on a shelf. Bold works made in an anagama. Large chawan fired with feldspar that features evil flame in front. Visible some vidoro/glassification from the melted minerals that have hardened after cooling. Made by an artist that is fortunate to be able to use the clay from his own property. The details on these pieces are like a universe all on their own and will change in color with use..

The unmistakable style is Iga. His works are solid and modern, Manabu is one of the most representative and makes the difference of Iga's impressive image so far. Atarashi likes to cook a lot, he transfers much of the spiritual part of tradition into his works. Anagama is fun but difficult to control, gas is easier. The wood naturally melts and becomes a pearl, creating a landscape on its work.