en-us-Deishi Shibuya (ice and snow) 500K 

10,5 x 10.9
10,5 x 10.9

This work is a work of famous ceramist Deishi Shibuya of Hagi ware.

It is a Oni-Hagi Hiissen Chawan. Hiissen is Japanese 

  The Hagi ware clay with which three kinds of grounds were mixed is used for the clay of this work (Daido, Mishima, Mitake).

The clay which blended rough sand is called Oni-Hagi. The motif of Deishi's work is old huge cherry tree Usuzumi Sakura specified as the natural treasure in Gifu Prefecture. The glaze currently used for this work is straw-ashes glaze, and is the original blend glaze which Deishi studied for 30 years and was made.

Since living national treasure 10th Kyusetsu Miwa (Kyuwa) and Deishi had exchanged experience, Deishi's glaze is also like Kyusetsu white glaze and the glaze which is uncomparerable and very alike.

Hagi ware has the characteristic called 7 change of Hagi ware. The scene which is different the more the more it also uses this Teabowl for a long time will be shown.

 Deishi's mark is sealed on the work bottom. The guide written about signature wooden storage boxes, a seal cloth, Hagi ware, and Deishi's ceramic art history is attached to this work.

This work (new article) is in very good condition without a crack and a chip.

Awards and Prizes

- Hagi artist associate member.

- The Hagi art exhibition, 5 times winning a contest.

- The Yamaguchi art exhibition, 3 times winning a contest.

- Kyushu, Yamaguchi pottery exhibition, winning a contest.

- Japanese present age technical exhibition, Chugoku district, 3 times winning a contest.

- The 18th present-age applied-fine-arts exhibition, winning a contest.

- 1984 International art culture prize, an award.

- He was inaugurated as the Hagi traditional-handicrafts association president in 1990.