en-us-Deishi Shibuya Treasure loquat 200K


IDO CHAWAN直径15.3cm9.4cm

Deishi Shibuya (歴史)

Define ceramist is hard to do even it could be just a man or woman who makes clay products or works of art. Deishi Shibuya, was a craftsman, who shaped pottery on a potter's wheel and baked them into a kiln. A renowned ceramist, when it is found, transmits the experience of decades of history and within itself embodies the importance of implementing an artistic talent perfectly integrated with the aspirations of his art. There are many potters around the globe and in Japan a small group of living Japanese ceramists have earned the title Living National Treasures, thanks to their unparalleled skills. "Who is Who, and What is What, in the World of Japanese Pottery" is hard to do. Deishi has an exceptionally long and successful history.

Awards and Prizes - Hagi artist associate member.

- The Hagi art exhibition, 5 times winning a contest.

- The Yamaguchi art exhibition, 3 times winning a contest.

- Kyushu, Yamaguchi pottery exhibition, winning a contest.

- Japanese present age technical exhibition, Chugoku district, 3 times winning a contest. - The 18th present-age applied-fine-arts exhibition, winning a contest.

- 1984 International art culture prize, an award.

- He was inaugurated as the Hagi traditional-handicrafts association president in 1990. - He died at the age of 90 in year 2017.