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Tsukigata Nahiko "ten-ni-mon-nashi" 天無門 地無戸 てんにもんなく、ちにこなし
Tsukigata Nahiko "ten-ni-mon-nashi" 天無門 地無戸 てんにもんなく、ちにこなし


How many times have you experienced a situation where you were forced and there was no way out? Many have experienced this in their life. On that occasion, no one knows what the right choices are, but at that moment there are also those who reflected, saying to themselves: "I would rather die". Even so, albeit exaggerating, it can still be said to have had a good experience.

This Zen word 「円相天無門地無戸」expresses this situation. It means a situation in which there is no escape in heaven or on earth, and the sensations that can be experienced. This is one of many ways of doing things, but when you are in front of your choice: at the 〇斗 top of the pillar and nothig just can't help you, maybe u can just try to sit still without rattling. Rather, it might be better to say that there is no other way. If you have nowhere to escape, the advice is to wait for the hour without running away.

Surprisingly, there is a place where the air flows calmly even in the eye of a typhoon.

Work size: 57 x 34 cm

Work condition: Spots and slight folds

Shaft size: 145 x 53 cm

Shaft mounting condition: With few minimal stains

門地無戸 Definition of 天無 , えんそう ensou 【 円相 】 circle painted with a single stroke in Zen calligraphy 門地無戸 とto 【 戸 ·門 】 gate. entrance (to a home)