en-us-Kato Toyohisa (ONHOLD)


☆ Shino vessel chawan Height 10.2 cm / Width 12.5 cm / Depth 12.7 cm ☆ 

Molten blu green rises magnificently from the thick frosting of white by Kato Toyohisa enclosed in the original signed wooden box. The colour beauty periodically dividing the thick glaze and drifts of white on the sides of this tea bowl lend a sense of pleasant silky touch in hand, making the bowl seem a majestic glance. It is like to stay at the feet of a glacier of pure white coloured snow, islandic geisyr escaping the molten earth through the sublime surface.Kato Toyohisa was born in 1962. His work is both original and fresh and his challenging pursuit of Mino ceramics is evident in both his contemporary pieces and his traditional ones. He first exhibited at the Asahi Ceramics Exhibition in 1983, and was awarded the rising star award. That same year he was awarded at the Tajimi City (home to innumerable Mino potteries) Art Exhibition. He has also exhibited and or been prized at the Tokai Dento Kogei ten, Mino Togei Ten, Issui Kai Ten and Gendai Chato Ten (modern Tea Ceramics Exhibition). In addition is a long list of Private exhibitions both domestic and abroad.