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Hongo Hideyuki Gold Chawan 「竹笋生」 Bamboo tea bowl Summer Solstice CUP MINT JAPAN

1 of the Seventy-two scenery weathers in Japan, which match the climate of Japan, represent changes in flora and fauna and weather in seventy-two short sentences, and the image is made using 22 types of glaze and gold leaf and gold solution, and the seasonal transition colors It was created by expressing 72 in 72 bowls.

This work expresses one of the twenty-one days of the beginning of summer, and is richly colored in gold with a deep reddish-brown body. You will be drawn to a certain color and an original expression.Diameter: 14cm x 13.3 cm x 9 cm

May 15th to 20th

Twenty-one season "Bamboo shoots"

Bamboo shoots grow