en-us-TSUCHINOKOGAMA (皆川仁史 土) Hitoshi Minagawa


It is baked without icing and the way it hits the fire and the way it is coated with ash differs depending on its location in the oven, so the same thing cannot be created as one. It is a ceramic that you can enjoy a unique look.

Mr and Mrs Hitoshi Minagawa from the "Tsuchiko Furnace" I visited were also very nice couples.

"Tsuchiko Kiln" is a tea bowl that highlights the beauty of the Shigaraki items in the shop under the influence of Mr. Matsuko Komori, a tea master who built a furnace with Mr. Hitoshi Minagawa's father, Mr. Takashi Minagawa . Mr. Hitoshi made tea in the bowl and gave us hospitality.

Hitoshi Minagawa (pictured left): a craftsman of the "Tsuchiko Kiln", an oven that has been managing Shigaraki items for two generations. We appreciate the natural taste that you will never get tired of, such as the works centered on hand kneading, the pottery fired in a hole oven, the color of the fire, the ash coating and the change of the oven.