Rakusai Shigaraki IV "Saga"  


Up for sale is this "Takahashi Rakusai (1925- ) Vintage tea bowl in shigaraki ware #3747" If you have any questions please contact us before buy it. No reserve.

Shigaraki ware is one of 'The Six Old Kilns' in Japan made in Shigaraki, Koga shi, Shiga Prefecture. Shigaraki is the area once flourished as a center of Japanese culture in the middle of Kamakura period, with a strong influence of Korean culture. Later in Muromachi period when the tea ceremony was established, the Japanese sense of beauty "Wabi-sabi" and the simplicity of yakishime (unglazed pottery) became integrated and Juko Murata (1423-1502), the founder of tea ceremony, introduced Shigaraki ware into tea utensils. The charm of Shigaraki ware lies in its unique glazing caused by yohen (color variation during firing). Natural glaze and unexpected variation caused by yakishime give pottery various shades and patterns called Keshiki (scenery), which has a wide variety such as nawame (cable), hiiro (scarlet), koge (burnt) or hai-kaburi (ash-covered); it could be said as a highlight of appreciating Shigaraki ware.