Items are shipped same day after payment. When shop include "Incoming" we need time for preparing new wooden box. We do not deal with ware for daily use, but only a luxury selected kind that have a certain "simplicity" and characteristic of the clay with glazing technique that have a special feel in hand. What we sell is widely appreciated by experts of the tea ceremony. I realize that many people have the mania of the new, of the object never touched before. I respect this point of view, but here we talk about ceramics that are hundreds of years old, and here we must accept the idea that they have been used before. It is possible that ceramics used for demonstration of matcha or other infusions may be offered for sale. We are experts, and therefore I suggest a certain lightness in evaluating ancient objects. Here the relevant words and terminologies are only, intact, undamaged, used little, unchanged conditions, pristine condition. No one is authorized to place an order believing that the shipping costs are free, just because the item has a high value. anyone will pay the shipping costs. It must be clear that your Paypal address must be verified, because here no one sends to any addresses other than those verified.

Payment method: Currently PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards(You don't need to have a PayPal account. Simply click on the PayPal icon at the checkout and then choose your credit card preference and follow the prompts.)

■ Customs duties & fees ■

Buyers are responsible for their country's customs fees, supposed to be paid by the buyer.