How many times have you experienced a situation where you were forced and there was no way out? Many have experienced this in their life. On that occasion, no one knows what the right choices are, but at that moment there are also those who reflected, saying to themselves: "I would rather die". Even so, albeit exaggerating, it can still...



Moved from the U.S. back to Japan

Kakebotoke, literally, "hanging Buddhas," are usually fashioned from a peace of wood carved. When round in metal, bronze or copper they derive from ritual bronze mirrors, and the term also refers to the similarly adorned large mirrors hung in Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines . This is an amazing image of a Buddhist or Shinto deity. When metal...

Izumi Ken manage a simple metalworking studio in Asakusa, where the atmosphere of Edo still lingers. The studio contains a retail store, a workshop, and a classroom. Visitors can see not only the finished products and the way we work, but also people learning how to mold metal. They can even partake themselves. The studio is located on the second...



A Talisman made byTwo-figure figurine Lion. An amulet Komainu lucky charm for Interior. A classic guardian deity. For the art of Feng shui which literally means "wind and water". The wind is the sky, the air that carries the clouds swollen with rain. Feng shui seeks harmony in the environment according to the principles of the Eastern philosophy of...

[Fukumoto Tsumoru Sekio] Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1952. In 1983, he was appointed as a resident priest of the Daitokuji school, Horinji temple. In 1959, he was appointed as the chief priest of the Daitokuji school. In 2004, he transferred Horinji to his successor. I ordered the priest of Shochu-ji again



Premium Japanese Black Lacquered with Golden Trim Ihai with outer doors, Memorial Tablet