Risshun (立春) Coming of Spring 二月四日〜八日一候 『東風解凍』thaw seasonはるかぜこおりをとく 東風が厚い氷を解かし始める 1.2/4-8: East wind melts ice.

Japanese flowers UMEA from the plum also blooms in winter, from the blanket of snow that covers the country. It is a symbol of hope in the face of the difficulties that life places before us, of elevated feelings and nobility of mind, to be able to overcome the adversities that winter faces.

Taikai chaire Creator: Oketani Tei'ichi.Description: Kyoto ware chaire with a rich orange-brown glaze; zōge lid with gold foil on the bottom; with silk tea caddy bag (shifuku 仕服); daikai ("great ocean" i.e. wide mouth) shape; with signed tomobako.Subject: Japanese tea ceremony.Subject: Tea caddies.Subject: Pottery, Japanese.Style.Period:...