Living National Treasure Toyozora Arakawa Suigetsu Kiln Born in Tajimi City,Gifu Prefecture1922 Becamethe factory manager of Kyoto Miyanaga Pottery Kiln1927 Movedto Kamakura at the invitation of Kitaoji Royamajin1930 Shino in the Momoyama period

Mr Ryoji Hayashi who is a famous potter lives in Toki-city in Gifu prefecture. A superb aka-shino chawan (red shino chawan) made by a master of the genre, Hayashi Ryoji (b. 1940) the third heir of the Shozan kiln. recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. It is one of the largest pottery production centers in...

Tsukigata Nahiko (1923-2006) born in Niigata prefecture. After the war he attended the Arts course of Nippon Daigaku University and was struck by the works of Living National Treasure Arakawa Toyozo, to whom he apprenticed in the arts of Shino and took his mentors work to a new level. Like all art, his was alive and always evolving. Starting with...

Tsukigata Nahiko Life Beauty Shino ONI "AKASHINO" Katakuchi lipped bowl

OGRE 5000K  


Black Hole (鬼) ONI-SHINO Tsukigata Nahiko ★HERITAGE★ DEMON★OGRE★ ARROW★IGA (鬼)