Yukio Isegawa [店主]Takumi no Sato

Yukio Isegawa [店主]伊草 幸夫  Kiln Takumi no Sato
Yukio Isegawa [店主]伊草 幸夫 Kiln Takumi no Sato

When i go to Japan is a must to visit Takaragawa Onsen and the near Minakami. villag.
Snow not only appears in this place.last time it was impossible for me to move a feet for so many many snow...In a little village Takumi no sato i found this amazing friendly potter..I am not to much into japanese but Igusa Yuki is probably the right name of the owner and keeper of this kiln.
A place where you can relax and enjoy the pottery and contact. In addition to hands-on pottery experience, the "pottery house" has a variety of pottery such as vase and cups made by the owner's original baking method. While enjoying the bright and cheerful personality of Mr. Igusa, you can enjoy the bowl leisurely. Yukio Igusa was born in Tone-gun, Gunma prefecture, where Takumi no Sato is located. I moved to Tokyo when I was young and spent my time graduating from university. He studied agricultural and veterinary medicine at university, and decided to leave his hustle and bustle in the city and start his own farm, so he returned to Gunma again. However, when I met Bizen ware in my mid-twenties, I decided to turn to ceramics. "I originally came back from Tokyo, longing for a self-sufficient lifestyle, but it's difficult to live on my own. I have to rely on someone else's power. I came across Bizen ware.You can do everything from soil making to product making and selling..many talk about his interaction with people. "I try to create a fun place where even a pottery house may want to come again. It tends to happen, but I want you to relax your shoulders and spend a relaxing time. "
Iku-san's cheerful personality has attracted many customers for 10 years. A calm space unique to a pottery house surrounded by nature if u see me..these are not only words.

Ateliers for straw work, pottery, and bamboo work are scattered throughout this scenically situated mountain village. Take a stroll through this popular tourist spot and see artisan craftsmanship and even experience making traditional craftworks originating in ancient Japan.