健次 (Kenji Takenaka) Bizen Oribe tea bowl Co-box Co-provision Shiori Tea utensils

Teacher: Human National Treasure Jun Isesaki Bizen ware

Product size: Height 9.2 cm / width 15.5 cm 

Kenji Takenaka has a career of becoming a disciple of Atsushi Bise Isesaki (national treasure of the human being) after transferring from being a jewelry designer. In the traditional ground, we explore the material from all angles while exploring new possibilities, and repeat the test firing in the Ana kiln countless times. Behind the novel and subtle modeling sensation, there was a bold spirit of challenge and detailed data. I am particular about Bizen and return to the primitive work that is the origin of it...Kenji Takenaka's Bizen style that is nurtured from there is an eye-opener.

1957 Born in Okayama City

1986 Worked as an instructor after graduating from Okayama Prefectural Industrial Experiment Station

1988: Studying under Atsushi Isesaki (national treasure of human beings)

1989 Selected for the Tanabe Museum Chanoyu modeling exhibition Selected for the Asahi Ceramics exhibition

Japanese Traditional Crafts China Branch Exhibition Sanyo Shimbun Award

1991 Selected for the bargaining exhibition

1993 Semi-underground hole kiln built

1998 Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition

2000 Selected for the exhibition of tea ceremony at the Tabe Museum of Art (several times thereafter)

2005 Exhibited at the French-Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition

2008 Exhibited "Gallery Kurimoto "Ceramic Shape V"

Other selections and awards

Held solo exhibitions throughout Japan

The Opportunity to Become a Bizen ware Artist

"Could I make jewelry with soil" In that thought process I wanted a hint and checked about Bizen ware, and I was attracted by Bizen ware itself when I was a jewelry designer.
I did not really like the quiet Bizen ware when I was young. However I related to the many modern formations that "Bizen ware
has such a molding-like view of the world. I seem to be able to do an interesting thing in traditional crafts." I have ventured into the world of Bizen for the first time.

Ceramics making

I acquired various experiences while over observing Bizen ware, and it came to be technically possible to do it, it makes me think increasingly that it was fun. I want to express something stimulating and impressive with clay for the viewer.


I'd like Bizen ware to go around the world. I want to absorb a variety of things and express my world based on Bizen ware. I made many sharp and aggressive works, but want to make more work which softens and makes the heart feel at ease, and also soothing works in the future.


The world of "Wabi and Sabi" and Japanese culture including delicate sensitivity with warmth. Bizen ware is the same, it has subtle rich atmosphere. I want others to feel the uniqueness of our world in the earthy scent.

Origin of Ceramic Stamp

From "K" of the initial.