Honda Yosaburo Meiji important Japanese cloisonné enamel burning censer

Where the lords of the Mori clan were enshrined, ruins of the castle tower (yagura) stay at the foot of Mount Shizuki with only one turret (yagura) higher up the mountain, as a look out over the sea, a new Hagi generation is born, saturated with melancholy, unfulfilled longing ruins and desolation on a palm of a hand. This is the inevitable ruination of the present.

important Japanese cloisonné enamel burning censer Honda Yosaburo, made towards the end of the Meiji Period (1868-1912). The Koro is comprised of Eight panels, decorated with the phoenix and Oni motif. The pattern is a meticulous one and in a sense the crowning achievement of the Kyoto School, whose preference for dense symmetry proved less commercial than the naturalism of Nagoya.The good size and his unusual enamels attest to the individual quality of this Japanese peace of Art. The condition is exceptional.