Seigan Blu 2023


Seigan Yamane

Seigan Yamane, who was born in 1952, is a well-known potter of Hagi Ware. He is known and respected for his blue glaze, which is known as Seigan blue.

Hagi Ware (Hagi-Yaki)
The charm of Hagi Ware lies in the rough texture of the clay and the pockmarked surfaces laced with cracks in the glaze. Hagi Ware is liquid-permeable. This results in another interesting characteristic, that is, that its color and tone change with use, especially if used to drink tea. Hagi Ware also effectually expresses a certain simplicity due to the original standards of its style, the tint of the clay, and the glazing technique. Thus, Hage Ware has been widely appreciated by experts of the tea ceremony.