14 X 9.3
14 X 9.3

Source of supply: Fujiyama Gallery (japanese.artisan)

chawans by Seigan Yamane in the hagi style

The bowls are made of very coarse clay with a thick straw ash glaze. The notch in the foot pays homage to the Korean origins of Hagi-yaki. Presumably, however, they also historically serve the purpose of preventing the bowls from sticking to smooth surfaces, because the Chawan are still permeable to water, typical of Hagi ceramics. Approx. 10 ml of liquid seep through it in 1 hour.

Over time, the ceramics seal due to the pigments in the tea water; as a result, the ceramics also discolor (called nanabake in Japanese) and form a crackled glaze pattern, which is definitely wanted because, according to a proverb, Hagi goods only become perfect when they are used.