SHINO (志野) National Treasure Toyozo Arakawa CHAWAN BLOOM

Product size: Height 9.5cm / Width 12.5cm / Depth 12.5cm
Product size: Height 9.5cm / Width 12.5cm / Depth 12.5cm

Living National Treasure Toyozora Arakawa Suigetsu Kiln Born in Tajimi City
Gifu Prefecture
1922 Became
the factory manager of Kyoto Miyanaga Pottery Kiln
1927 Moved
to Kamakura at the invitation of Kitaoji Royamajin
1930 Shino in the Momoyama period

  • Discovering the remains of an old kiln in Setokuro

Demonstrate that Shino was burned in Mino instead of Seto1933Resigned from the Hoshioka kiln in Kamakura and returned to Ogura to build a traditional hole kiln . 1936 Investigating the remains of the living national treasure with Kitaoji Royama people 1940 Investigating Handeishi Kawakita and Ogata Inuiyama kiln in Kyoto Narutaki 1942 Handeishi Kawakita and others Formed 1944 Visited the kiln of Pension Shigetoyo and produced Bizen ware 1946 Established "Japan Rural Crafts Promotion Association" with Fujio Koyama and Munemaro Ishiguro 1947 Dissolved "Japan Rural Crafts Association" and established "Japan Ceramics Promotion Association" Established 1952 Designated as Shino's intangible cultural property 1963 Designated as Setokuro's intangible cultural property 1954 Formed "Toryokai" 1955 Certified as an important intangible cultural property holder